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"Their flexibility is remarkably reasonable and refreshing compared to experiences with other build/design firms. The commercial terms were a relative breeze considering their willingness to contract under various scenarios such as fixed fee, cost plus, etc. They went the extra mile to work around our construction needs. Wow...ahead of schedule and right on budget!" - Jason and Claire Zintak

"It is my pleasure to recommend Derazi Homes. The workmanship was outstanding and within the agreed upon budget. If any issue arose, they were quick to find a reasonable remedy. My husband and I have a history with fine homes, but we have never known a finer contractor or builder. In the future, should we have need, we will never go to anyone else." - Bridget Dobson

"Having been in the construction business for over 30 years I can honestly say that I've never been more impressed with the quality of work, attention to detail and speed of construction on our new home. All along the way I've had my construction controller track every nickel of subcontractor and material payment and Derazi Homes hasn't missed a beat." - Jeff and Lisa Martin

"Ruth and I can’t thank Derazi Homes enough for their help in building our new home! Their input was invaluable and we know the house would have never turned out so well without their efforts. We particularly appreciate them helping us to better understand all the steps involved in building a high quality, high expectation home in a cost effective manner, enabling us to have a home we are pleased with while maintaining our budget. We would gladly recommend Derazi Homes to our friends and others looking for a partner with integrity to guide them through the home building process. They have earned their sterling reputation!" - Tom Anthony

"Over the past 14 years we have worked with various builders in three different states. We have had wonderful building experiences and those which created great frustration. All too often the builder finishes the remodel or hands you the keys to your new home and moves on to the next profitable situation. Our experience with Derazi Homes has surpassed all our expectations for relationship follow-up. There has not yet been a situation where we requested help (no matter how small) that they did not address immediately. Their response to questions, additions, small changes or "tweaks" has been exceptionally prompt and thorough with the same quality service and craftsmanship." - Sarah and Joe Tripodi

"Our experiences with Derazi Homes's staff has been extraordinary. I now call Clayton the "House Whisperer" even though he insists that Shaba's mind is rich in unlimited resources. Austin, what a find for a young man right out of college. He listens, follows through and is detail oriented. The amazing thing about both of them is that they don't ever say no! They are solution oriented consistently which is a true asset to any company or relationship. We are grateful that you took on our project and that we can enjoy our house fully!" - Holly Hutcher-Shamir


"We were skeptical about letting someone else build our house and thought that we should just buy an existing one. Fortunately for us, we didn't find what we wanted and came upon Derazi Homes. Shaba Derazi was involved from the beginning and helped us identify architects and select the best one for us. The building process was really a pleasure. Besides the expertise and quality (which is obvious from the finished product), they treated our money and the budget as if it was their own. They pride themselves on "value engineering" when finding the best material and labor at the best price. It has been a great experience!" - Marcia and Mark Miller